Is Spain Safe? How to Keep Yourself Safe in Spain

The short answer to the question: “Is Spain safe?” is a simple “Yes!” …as long as you don’t let your guard down too much.

Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe with very low crime rates, even in the big cities. But that’s not to say you should totally let loose and leave your common sense behind when traveling around this amazing country. The short answer to the question: “Is Spain safe?” is a simple “Yes!” …as long as you don’t let your guard down too much.

Almost everyone has a horror story to tell about someone they know who was robbed while on vacation. But many times, this is because they haven’t followed sensible safety advice, leaving themselves as easy targets. To avoid your trip becoming something your friends talk about for all the wrong reasons, follow these tips to stay safe in Spain.

Is Spain safe? It is when you follow this advice:

Watch for pickpockets


Just like you’ll find anywhere in the world, Spain’s major cities (like Barcelona and Madrid) are home to a handful of petty thieves who will steal your purse or wallet without a second thought. These people usually hang around in crowded places, such as Metro stations and busy tourist attractions. As long as you’re aware of your surroundings, you’ll be fine. Girls: make sure your handbag is closed and never put it down when distracted. Guys: keep all valuables in your front pockets and don’t leave them unattended, not even on a café table. Here are some more tips to avoid being a victim of pickpocketing in Spain.

Stay safe while using ATM machines

ATM machines

When you need to withdraw cash, always do it from an ATM inside a bank. Groups of older kids have been known to target travelers and grab the money out of the machine before you can even get to it. It’s also a good idea to avoid ATMs on the street because they may have been tampered with and could transmit your card details to someone who will empty your account in seconds. This isn’t a common thing, but it has happened a few times and will undoubtedly happen again.

Stay in groups at night

Stay in groups at night

If you’re walking somewhere in the dark, always try and stay in a group. Even if you don’t know any of the people around you – there’s safety in numbers! No matter whether you’re a man or a woman, you could be targeted by criminals if you’re walking alone down a dark, empty street.

Don’t let these little things put you off visiting Spain. These pieces of advice are ordinary day-to-day things you do in your home town without even thinking about it and are just safety reminders to help you have an awesome trip in Spain. If you need a bit more reassurance, check out our 10 Reasons to Visit Spain and you’ll be back to dreaming about fresh-from-the-sea paella and culturally-rich historical cities almost instantly.

So if anyone questions your vacation choices and asks you, “Is Spain safe?” know that the answer is a great big “Yes”! But just like if you were traveling anywhere else in the world, you need to behave sensibly and take ordinary precautions to avoid your dream vacation becoming a hellish nightmare.

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