Cheap Trips to Spain 2019

To help you make your vacation as cheap as possible without compromising on the fun, here are 9 travel hacks to help you bag cheap trips to Spain in 2019.

If you’ve seen our post on 10 reasons to visit Spain, chances are you’re already packing your bags and checking the expiry date on your passport. To help you make your vacation as cheap as possible without compromising on the fun, here are nine must-know travel hacks to help you bag cheap trips to Spain in 2019.

Everything you need to know to bag cheap trips to Spain this year


Choose the cheapest times to travel

The cheapest times to travel to Spain are January, May, June, October, November and the beginning of December, giving you loads to choose from. Avoid weekends in favor of weekdays and, if you’re up for it, choose a super-early or super-late flight to save even more cash.

Book your flights as early as possible

The earlier you book your flight, the cheaper the price you’ll pay. Flights are usually released 18-12 months in advance and rise in price as they’re sold. So get in there as early as you can to snap up a deal.

Travel with hand luggage only

This one might seem impossible if you’re planning on traveling for a long time, but it’s a great way to massively reduce the cost of your trip. Here’s an excellent guide to traveling with hand luggage only.


Stay in privately-rented accommodation

Your vacation budget will disappear almost instantly if you stay in hotels and apartments. Instead, consider staying in hostels if you’re traveling with a group of friends or alone, or Airbnb rented accommodation if you’re traveling as a couple or a family. Check out our top Airbnb rentals in Barcelona and the best Airbnb rentals in Madrid.

Research transportation methods

Don’t be tempted to jump on the train as soon as you land at the airport as it’s one of the most expensive modes of transportation in Spain. Before you fly, have a rough idea of where you want to go and research the cheapest ways to get around in Spain. You’ll probably end up using a mixture of the metros, buses, trams and Ubers during your trip.

Take advantage of free tapas

There are loads of places in Spain where you can enjoy a whole meal without buying any food! Be on the lookout for bars that advertise free tapas with drinks and go there. Just make sure the drinks aren’t too pricey or you could end up spending more on drinks than a three-course meal.

Eat the menu del día

If small plates of olives and potato chips aren’t filling enough for you, eat at restaurants that offer a menu del día. This translates into “menu of the day” and is a two- or three-course set meal and a drink usually priced at €5-8.

Visit museums on their free days

Love soaking up the culture on your cheap trips to Spain? Get out of paying pricey museum entry fees by visiting museums on their free days. Many museums are open to the public free of charge for one day every week, while others are permanently free! Here’s a list of museums with free entry in Madrid.

These useful hacks to help you enjoy cheap trips to Spain in 2019 might only save you a few centimos here and there, but it soon adds up. And the more you save, the sooner you’ll be able to come back! Check out our post about other things to know when traveling to Spain for more helpful tips.

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